June 03, 2013

How to Find Answers - ASAP!

Here are some tips on how to quickly and efficiently find answers to your questions.

Often you can save time by finding help online:

  • Review the online help - Many times your questions are answered in the online help. Use the help Table of Contents to browse the topics, or use the Search feature to find topics by relevant search terms.
  • Review the online FAQs- You can find answers to the most common questions in our FAQ.

If you need to contact Amazon support here are some tips for sending information that can help us resolve your case quickly and efficiently:

  • Select a subject that matches your issue - We send your case to the Technical Accounts Management team associated with the subject you pick. We can more quickly respond to your issue if you pick the subject that most closely matches your issue. Don't worry if you can't find the right subject - just pick "Other question or request," and we'll get it to the right team.
  • Verify your primary e-mail address - We copy your e-mail address from your personal information account settings in Seller Central. If you've changed your primary address, or you want someone else in your company to be the main recipient, be very careful to enter the e-mail address correctly otherwise, you will not be able to easily track the issue. If you've changed your e-mail address and haven't updated your settings in Seller Central, please use the Account Information feature to update your personal information.
  • Verify your additional e-mail recipients - You can enter up to three additional e-mail recipients for your case. If you use this feature, be sure to correctly enter the information. You can use any valid e-mail address including a group alias, such as a company mailing list.
  • Add enough detail to your question or comment - If you're sending us a question, help us understand what the context is for your question:
    • Briefly state your question or comment
    • Tell us what you were trying to accomplish
    • Tell us what steps you took
    • Tell us what where you stopped
    • Tell us what the error message was (if any)

Here's an example:

Subject: Using the Manage Order feature
Question: How do I find an order that I received last month?
I don't remember the order number, but I do remember the name of
the person who ordered it. They e-mailed me with a question, and
the e-mail they used doesn't show any orders associated with

The more information you can supply about your issue, the quicker we can diagnose the situation and come up with a solution. We hope you find all your answers ASAP!

May 28, 2013

Two "time-saving" mistakes you might not think of as mistakes

In a recent post we mentioned the importance of shipping exactly what a buyer orders. Sometimes the reason this goes wrong is obvious, but other times it's more subtle. For example, a buyer might have ordered an item that differs from how the buyer perceived the item based on the detail page information.

Here are two mistakes you might make in the interest of saving time, but that can contribute to customers not knowing enough about an item to make an informed buying decision:

  1. Not responding promptly to pre-order inquiries about your listings

    Customers (shoppers) won't necessarily become buyers, but answering their questions can help you make sales that stick. When a customer is fully informed about an item before buying, he or she is more likely to keep that item and to praise it (and you) in reviews.

    Sometimes a customer can't quite make out a particular detail from the product image and description. Talking to you can help the customer move forward and buy.

    Or not. And that's Ok too. If the customer ends up not buying after talking with you, that is a better result than the customer becoming a dissatisfied buyer due to lack of pre-order information.

    For more information, search on "messaging service" in seller Help.

  2. Not providing a top-notch image of the exact product you are offering

    The product you ship should not be even slightly different from the product in your detail page image.

    Also, you can be extra helpful to customers who are deciding whether to buy, if in addition to having a perfect main image, you provide more images of the product—different angles, close-ups of key aspects of the product, and so on.

    For more information, search on "image standards" in seller Help.

Though you might save time initially by skipping (or skimping on) these tasks, that time saving can be easily overshadowed by lost sales, too many returned items, unhappy buyer reviews, and dissatisfied customers who don't come back.

May 20, 2013

Use your Google Shopping file to sell on Amazon.com

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that you can use a tab delimited file in the format you use for Google Shopping to list products for sale on Amazon.com.

We have since expanded to support an additional category:

  • Electronics
  • Camera & Optics

You will only be able to upload products in these categories, and Amazon's listing requirements (e.g., data and image quality) apply to the products that you list.

For more information, including how to upload your file and the supported data fields, search for "Google Shopping" in seller Help.

May 14, 2013

Tips for Managing Orders Effectively

Keep up with orders using the tools in your seller account and follow some suggested "best practices" to excel at the essentials of order management.

  • Don't rely solely on "Sold, ship now" e-mails to let you know you have new orders. Check the Manage Orders tool in your seller account daily for up-to-the minute information about your orders, including buyer names and shipping addresses.
  • Ship exactly what the buyer ordered. If you no longer offer the exact products you originally listed, it is in your best interest to keep your listings up to date and accurate, including the product images.
  • Ship the order on time. You’ll have more time to resolve any problems that might arise.
  • Confirm the shipment. When you confirm a shipment, we notify the buyer via e-mail that their order is on its way.
  • Keep buyers informed of any order issues. Buyers are less likely to leave negative feedback or file A-to-z Guarantee claims when you let them know the status of their order.
  • If you need to refund an order, do so promptly. You can make refunds through the Manage Orders tool.
  • If you have a Professional selling plan, download Order Reports and Inventory Reports regularly to keep track of sold items, order fulfillment, inventory levels, and available listings.

May 06, 2013

For Pro sellers: Customer returns processing just got easier

Amazon has just released a new feature to assist sellers with processing customer returns. Previously, sellers were limited to the default number generated by Amazon when authorizing a return request. Now sellers can use a custom return number.

This new feature is in response to custom return numbers being one of the most requested features among high volume sellers.

Custom return numbers enable sellers to integrate their existing Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems with Amazon's returns system, creating a more seamless return process. During the return authorization process, sellers can now use either the Amazon return number or a custom number.

The custom number now appears on both the buyer's return authorization and the return mailing label.

April 29, 2013

Use Amazon Selling Coach to help increase your selling success

You may be wondering how to increase your sales on Amazon.com. If you are on the Professional selling plan, you can use the Amazon Selling Coach to see valuable information about your products and listings:

  • Inventory that is low or out-of-stock
  • Products that our customers are searching for that you may also want to offer
  • Products that may benefit from Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Products that match yours, but are being listed by other sellers at a lower price
  • Listings that are missing important information

Amazon Selling Coach is updated periodically, so check frequently for new alerts about potential opportunities.

After you have tried the Amazon Selling Coach, please send us feedback by clicking the “Tell us what you think of this new feature” link.

We appreciate the feedback and suggestions we have received so far. Sellers have told us:

“Fantastic!!! Now I never have to worry about my best sellers running out of stock without me knowing!! THANK YOU!!”

“[The Coach] is easy to comprehend. I like seeing what customers look at before deciding to purchase my products.”

To learn more, search for “Amazon Selling Coach” in seller Help.

If you are on the Individual selling plan and would like to learn more about the Professional selling plan, search for “selling plan” in seller Help.

April 22, 2013

Use your Google Shopping file to sell on Amazon.com

If you have a tab delimited file in the format you use for Google Shopping, you can upload this file to your seller account to list products for sale on Amazon.com. Amazon's listing requirements (e.g., data and image quality) apply to the products that you list.

We currently support the following categories, as specified in the google_product_type field in the file you use for Google Shopping:

  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phone Accessories > Mobile Phone Cases
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phone Accessories > Mobile Phone SIM Cards
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phone Accessories > Mobile Phone Stands
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones > Feature Phones
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones > Smartphones
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones > Watch Phones
  • Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Satellite Phones

For more information, search for “Google Shopping” in Seller Central Help.

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